Tournament Registration

May 18-20, 2018

High School and U15 Divisions - $400

Grade 5-7 - $350

Divisions are full - Wait lists are active

Tournament Rules


  1. All Games will be played the University of Regina,
  2. FIBA rules will be effect for all divisions ( unless otherwise stated) 
  3. All games will consist of 4 - 8 minute stop time quarters, with a 5 minute warm-up and a 5 minute half time. In the 4th quarter, if the point spread is greater than 20 points, the clock will only stop on time outs and free throws. ( if the gym schedule is behind or both coaches agree)
  4. Referees handle the ball in the backcourt 
  5. 8 second backcourt, 24 second shot clock, in gyms without shot clocks 24 second possession will be at the discretion of the referee 
  6. Wide key in effect 
  7. Bonus on the 5th foul each quarter. 
  8. There will be one, 1 min. time out in the first half, and two in the second with no carry over 
  9. Overtime will be 3 minutes with one time out.  A second overtime will be sudden death  started with a jump ball.
  10. Game time is default time.  A team may start a game with four players 
  11. Teams are required to provide their own warm-up balls, home team provides game ball 
  12. Individual awards for 1st and 2nd place in each Division 
  13. Tiebreaker procedure: 1) head to head record amongst the tied teams; 2) point ratio between tied teams (Points For less  Points Against – highest number wins); if still tied 3) the team with the most points for will win and finally if still tied 4) a coin flip will be used 
  14. Ball size: Men ( U17, U15 ) size-7.  All other divisions will use the Spalding 28.5 
  15. All teams guaranteed a minimum of 3 scheduled games with some having as many as 5.  Defaulted games are considered a game.
  16. Two technical fouls (unsportsman) in the tournament disqualifies a player or coach.  Like coaches decisions and players actions, our officials do the best job they can.  They too have sacrifices their long weekend to be with the kids.  Be a great sport and give them a high five after the game!  

High School, U15  Division

  1. All defenses and presses will be allowed
  2. No full court press by a team who is up by 20 or more points


Grade 5, 6 and 7 Divisions

  1. Man-to-man is the only defense allowed. There will be no zones. Players must be aware of the position of the person they are guarding and adjust their court position as their guarded player moves.
  2. Substitutions for either team may occur on any dead ball
  3. No full court press by a team who is up by 20 or more points
  4. Grade 5 & 6 only allowed full court press last 2 minutes of 2nd half. Players must back up once position in the back court is established.

Hotels 2018

See our Hotel Information Page for details and contact numbers.  Book early, there are a number of other large events happening during the weekend so space will be at a premium!  Will be updated soon!